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My client only loves pink and wanted to use it as much as possible in her bedroom.  I know what you’re thinking, just one color?  Yes, you can select a single accent color and not make it overkill if you follow a few simple rules.

  1. Use different shades of the color.
  2. Use different textures and patterns in that color.
  3. Balance your color against neutrals.

There are 7 shades of pink in this picture.  The use of gray linen, pink ruffles and bold patterns are all mixed together to create a beautiful coordinating look.   

The existing headboard was gray.  But if we wanted even more pink, we could’ve selected a soft. pale pink headboard in a textured fabric like linen or velvet and it would still look great.  Using a  mix of pattern, shades and textures is the best way to make your most favorite color come to life.