A room without chachkies is like eating a strawberry without chocolate, getting a manicure without color or God forbid wearing a bikini without a tan.

Chachkie is a yiddish word for trinkets and collectables, AKA “dust collectors” traditionally found in an old lady’s house.  In the interior design world they are called “accessories”. Accesssorizing a room is the best part of a room design.  You can have top notch furniture, but if it’s not surrounded with accessories that compliment their beauty your space won’t feel complete.

I’m sure you have a few chachkies hanging around the house right now that could be awsome, or maybe it’s time to donate some of grandma’s old trinkets, ether way, proper placement and chachkie attention is critical to making your room stand out from the rest.

A few simple rules for chachkie maximization:

1. Make sure you can see them from at least 10ft away.  If I need readers to see what’s on your shelf its too small. (aka – Donate)

2. Don’t match your chachkies to your walls.  If it blends in with the wall behind it, move it or ditch it because it won’t stand out.

3. Chachkies like buddies.  It’s okay to stack them on top of eachother.  I wouldn’t get Jenga crazy, but placing a picture frame on a book or setting a flower on a  box is always more impressive.

4. Mix up chachkie colors, heights, shapes and textures because it gives dimension and enhances their beauty.  Check out the picture below.   Its a great example of how muliple items work togeher.

5. Chachkies are interchangable and replacable.  Mix up a few chachkies every season or holiday to keep your home feeling fresh and updated.

Better hurry up,  you only have 5 more days to get your Valentine Chachkie in place.

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