The Brady Bunch is long gone and so are the days of not playing in the house.  Let’s be real, kids need their space and we don’t always have the perfect room for them.  Most of us do however have a formal living room without any formal living.

The playroom in this picture was designed in a former living room and is positioned right inside the front door for all to see.  The best part, it’s used everyday and not one visitor has questioned, judged or even asked what happened to the living room.   Although some people are jealous because they want one in their own home or mad because they didn’t think of it first.

Rooms that try to serve too many purposes tend to look haphazard and messy.  If you have a room in your house that is rarely used and serves as a dumping ground for extra toys and games, consider converting it into a playroom.   It’s very important to embrace the space and commit to decorating it simply for the needs of your children.   That doesn’t mean adults are not allowed.   If designed properly, kids and adults should be able to play together.  If you make it special for your family, trust me, the kids will come!  Now let’s figure out where you can play ball in your house?  

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