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Let’s Work Together!

You deserve it.

S.O.S. (Save Our Space)

Rescue Session

If you…

Know what you want.  

Know what you like.

But are still drowning in decorating decisions?  

Help is on the way…


S.O.S. (Save Our Space) Rescue Session



If you…

Are committed to making a change in your home,

Have no clue where to start, 

Are way too busy to figure out the details, and just want someone to tell you what to do.



What Clients Are Saying…

“My first project with Danielle was an amazing success. She made my home office feel so glamours that I realized it was my favorite room, and I wanted that for other parts of my house. I have NEVER been disappointed with the outcome. She is flexible but also pushes me when she knows how much better her ideas are anyway (that is why I hired her after all)!!”

— Kim

“Working with Danielle to decorate my home was a great experience! She listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve, and even included my son’s interests in his spaces. The end result is that my home is a place where I feel happy and cozy, and it reflects who I am. Everyone who comes over compliments me on how it’s decorated!”

— Karen

“Danielle was able to interpret my thoughts and ideas into a beautiful design I would have never believed possible. She has an attention to detail that transforms your vision to reality. Danielle is always the professional who is able to guide you through the creative process and execute it to perfection.”

— Aralisha